Competence Development For The Competitive Specialist Education


  • Anastasia V. Fakhrutdinova


Palabras clave:

foreign language learning, student, education, professional activity, communicative


The article is devoted to the study of the ways of special courses for training in foreign languages development. The attention is drawn primarily for English language courses, for the future specialists in tourism, service and hospitality sphere. In addition to the competences connected with the development of professional knowledge and skills, the knowledge of foreign language is undoubtedly having paramount value for future graduates. Modern methods and forms of education not always allow reaching the demanded level for fast communication with foreign experts in this area and to provide services to foreign guests. Introduction of new programs, forms and methods of training will make development of colloquial skills of a foreign language during the limited time period of time possible and will increase competitiveness of future specialists, our graduates, in labor market.


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