Assessment Of The Performance Of Territories With Special Entrepreneurial Treatment


  • Gulia Fagimovna Galiullina


Palabras clave:

territory with a special regime of doing business, synergistic effectiveness, institutional- synergi


The article discusses the reasons for the low efficiency of territories activity with a special regime of doing business. One of the main reasons is the lack of a formalized desired image of the future of a special territory in the form of a system of key indicators. This situation leads to distortions in the implementation of management decisions. Currently, the needs of potential resident investors are put at the forefront, which leads to a conflict of interests of interested parties, depletion of resources and other negative consequences. Based on the proposed system of indicators, a method has been developed for assessing the effectiveness of the development of a particular territory, in which effectiveness is assessed as a system of private, key, integral and generalized (synergistic) indicators that reflect quantitative and qualitative changes in the development of the territory. From the perspective of the institutional- synergistic approach, the system of key performance indicators is presented in the form of two subsystems. The subsystem of performance indicators will describe the objective picture of the past and the present, and the subsystem of performance indicators will warn about future events (signals about risks and their consequences). The proposed subsystems of performance indicators for specific territories are formed using two types of feedback channels. The proposed models will allow us to move from fragmented control actions, aimed primarily at quantitative indicators to the synergistic development of the territory with a special regime of doing business.


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