Indicators Of Financial Security Of Small And Medium Enterprises


  • Ernst Safargaliev


Palabras clave:

financial stability, financial security of the enterprise, financial security indicators


Currently, the task of ensuring the economic security of small and medium-sized businesses is acquiring great importance for Russia. Therefore, economic security and its most important component - financial security - continues to be investigated by the authors as a multidimensional, interdisciplinary category. This article reveals the importance of the financial security of an enterprise. At the same time, the authors consider the financial stability of small and medium-sized enterprises as an integral part of the economic security of an economic entity. The development and functioning of the financial security system should be carried out in accordance with the legislative framework of the Russian Federation in the field of business, informatization and information protection, private security activities and other safety regulations. The article discusses the methodology for monitoring the financial security of an enterprise in the form of several stages. The objects of financial security control are determined, which may be: assets (property), information, personnel, information resources (databases) and the company's reputation. It is indicated that the financial security control centres of the company can be such significant management and external control subsystems as the human resources department, top management, internal control or internal audit service, external controllers represented by audit organizations, representatives of counterparties, tax authorities, and international organizations. To reduce the financial security risks for the selected control centers, the authors suggest using certain recommendations. As a result, the company’s financial security indicators are systematized, distributed among control centres. It is specified that the express analysis of the financial security of the enterprise must be carried out on the basis of financial and managerial accounting. The organization and functioning of the internal financial security control system should be based on the principles of comprehensiveness, timeliness, continuity, legality and accounting for the industry specialization of the business.


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