Landscaping As A Factor In Creating A Comfortable Urban Environment


  • Olga Vladimirovna Bakurova


Palabras clave:

green construction, landscape design, urban gardening, sports facilities


This article deals with the issues of gardening as a factor in the improvement of children's, educational, sports facilities and its impact on the aesthetic and artistic value of the created landscapes. This is especially true due to the fact that landscaping is one of the most important aspects in the whole range of measures for arranging a comfortable environment along with security issues, the formation of urban spaces, etc.

The authors provide recommendations on the selection of the plant assortment under the influence of negative urban factors, such as the impact of vehicles, noise pollution. The individual features of the territories of various objects are noted, private landscape solutions are defined.

By the example of the territories of the studied objects, the authors conducted taxation of tree plantings, which showed the unsatisfactory condition of a significant part of them.

The possibility of expanding the range of expressive means through the use of traditional national ornaments in the structure of planar plant compositions is shown.

The authors emphasize that the applied ecological approach not only provides for the creation of decorative compositions fully viable in harsh urban conditions but also contributes to the development of elements of the ecological framework as the basis for the conservation of urban fauna.



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