Creation Of The Production Function Of The Prc Corporation Under Unstable Economy


  • Akhmetovа Irina A.


Palabras clave:

production function, multiple regression, cobb-douglas function, autocorrelation residuals, forecast


The article considers the issues of construction and analysis of the production function (PF) as a development model of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNRC), which objectively reflects its performance under unstable economy. This circumstance directly affects both the relatively short period of the retrospection (from 2011 to 2018, N = 8 values of the studied indicators) and the nature of the initial data themselves. Before obtaining the PF, the data characteristics are calculated - a component analysis of the variables and the degree of correspondence of their elements according to their normal distribution law (NDL) according to the chi-squared test with the classification of normal and “quasinormal” distribution according to the prof. Iadov V.A. The 2016 indicator of 52.6 billion yuan according to the Grubbs criterion was withdrawn from further consideration within X = “Profit”. The remaining PF for constructing the model were aggregates by N=7. The results of the component analysis make it possible to construct the PF as a multiplicative multiple regression equation with subsequent potentiation and obtaining the PF according to the least squares method. Further, the indicators of economic growth of CNPC Corporation are considered due to the mechanical expansion of manufacturing (M) and due to the innovative element (E) of its development.


Official site CNРC: d708966cc3e041c7 ad6dced12bdeeb83/files/ 0fd3f821b72b44 daac0e1b 6f4050584f.pdf

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