Justice As A Legal Value: Cultural And Philosophical Analysis


  • Maria Stanislavovna Matantseva



Palabras clave:

justice, freedom, law, empathy, socio-cultural identity, social value, communication


The article seeks to conduct a cultural and philosophical analysis of the notion of justice as a legal value.  The authors of this work criticize the attempts to define justice as a universal value and suggest seeking the nature of justice in the field of socio-cultural identification and communication.

Representations about justice are the result of reflective activities, based on a logical comparison operation. The value systems of different people are considered as the compared objects. The sense of justice is due to the ability of people to empathy - the ability to project themselves into the place of another person.  An important condition for empathy is that people whose actions are judged in terms of justice should be related to the same sociocultural community.  Social communication is seen as a means of objectification individual perceptions of justice, turning them into social value.

Based on the findings, the social significance of the jury trial is disclosed, the conditions for the fairness of laws and judgments are determined.


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