PR-support of image and business reputation on the example of the corporate magazine «Oilfield Review» of the oilfield services company Schlumberger


  • Belkova A.E


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pr-support, image, business reputation, corporate magazine «oilfield review», oilfield services com


This article covers the PR-support of the public image and business reputation using the example of a corporate magazine «Oilfield Review», this magazine belongs to Schlumberger — an oilfield services company. Schlumberger is an international supplier of technologies concerning the development of program products for oil and gas exploration, oil production and geophysical research. Among many other regions, Schlumberger operates in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug as well. Considering the aspects of corporate press, it is worth noting that a special emphasis has to be put on the «effectiveness» criterion. Efficiency of resource application of corporate mass media and its ability to reach the goal of corporate communication project, this is what has to be understood under the term of «effectiveness». Corporate press is the means of outreach activities aimed at the public opinion of different types of groups within the company, that includes: employees, business partners, customers, governmental authorities and so on. The indirect commercial link between the cost of publishing of corporate media outlets and the increase in revenue of the company arises through the activities of the target audience. The effectiveness of PR-support of public image and business reputation of corporate press is measured by the quality and effectiveness of the process results aimed at the target audience. The effectiveness of PR-support is measured by the following criteria: the level of demand for corporate publication; the level of understanding of the information by the public; the level of information impact on the private opinion of the readers concerning the activities of the company; the level of information impact on the behavior of the intended readers. This article concerns the consecutive evaluation of a Schlumberger corporate media outlet «Oilfield Review», its PR-support effectiveness in the following aspects: its structure, design, the quality of the articles, the quality of the pictures, the level of interactive technologies, and the system of key messages


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