Optimization of the level of components' functionality of developing software systems


  • Yakov Evseyevich Lvovich
  • Nikita Aleksandrovich Ryndin
  • Alexander Alekseevich Ryndin
  • Yurii Serafimovich Sakharov



Palabras clave:

developing software systems, life cycle, resource optimization for system modernization, stochastic


The article discusses the design issues of complex multi-component software systems that function throughout the entire life cycle, taking into account the optimal level of functionality of their components. The authors provide a review of existing design techniques and life cycle models of such systems. The authors conclude that it is necessary to optimize the level of functionality of components with resource constraints for development and maintaining their compliance with functional requirements throughout the entire life of software systems. The concept of the function of matching the functionality of a component with current system requirements is introduced.Moreover, the modification of a system component at certain points in time requires corresponding costs for the modernization and completion of the system component. This is especially true for the class of developing software systems (DSS), which are constantly being upgraded over time. 


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Evseyevich Lvovich, Y., Aleksandrovich Ryndin, N., Alekseevich Ryndin, A., & Serafimovich Sakharov, Y. (2020). Optimization of the level of components’ functionality of developing software systems. Revista San Gregorio, 1(41). https://doi.org/10.36097/rsan.v1i41.1474