International Legal Regulation of Non-Contractual Obligations: Problems and Prospects for Development


  • Gulshan Gurezovna Bodurova
  • Adel Ilsiyarovich Abdullin


Palabras clave:

international treaty, non-contractual obligations, collision method, substantive-legal method, inter


The article identifies the features of international legal regulation of non-contractual obligations in private international law. The author considers the international legal consolidation of non-contractual obligations gradually and focuses special attention on the differentiation of conflict of laws and substantive regulation of these relations. The features of the legal regulation of non-contractual obligations in the post-Soviet space are revealed. Analysis of international agreements of a regional nature allows us to conclude that it is necessary to review and amend individual articles containing the legal regulation of non-contractual obligations. It is emphasized that at the international level tort obligations is mainly subject to legal regulation,


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Gurezovna Bodurova, G., & Ilsiyarovich Abdullin, A. (2020). International Legal Regulation of Non-Contractual Obligations: Problems and Prospects for Development. Revista San Gregorio, 1(41).