Performance of The Republican Iraq Obligations Under Agreement UN To Combat Desertification 1994


  • Valiullina Ksenia Borisovna
  • Salwan Jaber Hashim
  • Shinkaretskaia Galina Georgievna
  • Bekyashev Damir Kamilevich


Palabras clave:

convention, combating desertification, un, republic of iraq, national strategy, iraqi legislation


This article is devoted to the study of questions implementation of the provisions of the UN convention to combat desertification 1994, in the Republic of Iraq. In June 1992 in Rio de Janeiro hosted the UN Conference on environment and development (UNCED), in which the decision was made to change the course of development of the world community with way fragile, crises and disasters towards sustainable development, where opportunities for brand -harmonious existence of society and nature. At the same time, the transition to sustainable development must be complex, changing the course of only some countries and only in relation to certain components of the natural environment will not solve the problem.The purpose of this article - describes the progress in the implementation of the main objectives of the convention against desertification 1994.


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Ksenia Borisovna, V., Jaber Hashim, S., Galina Georgievna, S., & Damir Kamilevich, B. (2020). Performance of The Republican Iraq Obligations Under Agreement UN To Combat Desertification 1994. Revista San Gregorio, 1(41).