Growth of agro-industrial complex in modern economic conditions


  • Iaroslav Petrunenko
  • Andrii V. Dukhnevych
  • Serhii O. Kliutsa
  • Nataliia Karpinska
  • Olesia Demianyshyna


Palabras clave:

, Food Security, Agro-Industrial Complex, Food Sustainability, Level of Malnutrition, Gross Value Ad


The long-term, stable development of the country, the standard of living of its population is primarily influenced by the ability of the state to fully meet the basic needs of the population, a prominent place among which is the nutritional requirement. At the same time, the level of meeting the population's nutritional requirements is put into practice through the assessment of such a category as food security. Its sustainability to a great extent depends on the success of the development and functioning of the agro-industrial complex of the country, which is constantly affected by climatic factors, economic and financial, as well as political ones.


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Petrunenko, I., V. Dukhnevych, A., O. Kliutsa, S., Karpinska, N., & Demianyshyna, O. (2020). Growth of agro-industrial complex in modern economic conditions. Revista San Gregorio, 1(42).