Length of legal proceedings and the pilot judgment procedure of the European Court of Human Rights: new challenges and problems


  • Tigran D. Oganesian
  • Marina V. Markhgeym
  • Alevtina E. Novikova
  • Elena V. Safronova
  • Evgeniy E. Tonkov



Palabras clave:

European Court of Human Rights, pilot judgment procedure, structural (systemic) problems, general me


The article examines issues related to the impact of the pilot judgment procedure of the ECtHR on the problems of excessive length of legal proceedings in national legal systems. A brief overview of some of the pilot judgments adopted in relation to Respondent States is provided, and an assessment of the effectiveness of the general measures taken is given. Conclusions are drawn about the criteria for determining reasonable terms of legal proceedings in the practice of the ECtHR. As recommendations, a number of measures are proposed that will help states eliminate the excessive length of legal proceedings.


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D. Oganesian, T., V. Markhgeym, M., E. Novikova, A., V. Safronova, E., & E. Tonkov, E. (2020). Length of legal proceedings and the pilot judgment procedure of the European Court of Human Rights: new challenges and problems. Revista San Gregorio, 1(42). https://doi.org/10.36097/rsan.v1i42.1569