Legal Schemes For The Protection Of Personal Data In The Context Of Digitalization


  • Yana V. Gaivoronskaya
  • Olga I. Miroshnichenko
  • Daria A. Petrova
  • Iryna I. Bodrova


Palabras clave:

information, information security, personal data


The purpose of this article's research is to problematize the legal regulation of work with personal data and other confidential information in the context of large-scale digitization. We sought to systematize the basic concepts used in addressing the topic of information security, such as information, types of protected data, information leakage, types and channels of information leakage. Particular attention is paid to personal data security measures: the legal framework; the specifics of the appointment of sanctions; gaps and collisions in the interaction of legislative acts are determined.


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V. Gaivoronskaya, Y., I. Miroshnichenko, O., A. Petrova, D., & I. Bodrova, I. (2021). Legal Schemes For The Protection Of Personal Data In The Context Of Digitalization. Revista San Gregorio, 1(44).