Small business support in the territories in a decentralized environment


  • Uliana Z. Vatamaniuk-Zelinska
  • Nataliia Tkachova
  • Yevhen M. Dankevych
  • Olha I. Yemets
  • Oleh F. Stasiv


Palabras clave:

Decentralization Reform, United Territorial Communities, Local Self-Government Bodies, Small Busines


Purpose of the article: to substantiate differentiated mechanisms of support of small business entities within the newly formed communities under the conditions of decentralization in order to eliminate disparities in business development. Research methods: comparison, statistical-analytical method, tabular and graphical modeling, analysis and generalization of data have been used in the academic paper.


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Z. Vatamaniuk-Zelinska, U., Tkachova, N., M. Dankevych, Y., I. Yemets, O., & F. Stasiv, O. (2021). Small business support in the territories in a decentralized environment. Revista San Gregorio, 1(44).