The Pedagogical Model of the Formation of Soft Skills


  • Yana V. Kryucheva
  • Irina V. Tolstoukhova


Palabras clave:

Soft Skills, Self-Management Skills, Cognitive Skills, Communication Skills, Collaboration Skills


The article discusses soft skills that increase work efficiency and the ability to interact with other people. The authors identified four groups of soft skills, developed a theoretical model for the formation of soft skills of students of a technical university. The presented model consists of target, substantive, procedural and evaluative-effective blocks. The characteristics of each of them are given. Criteria and levels of soft skills development have been developed.


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V. Kryucheva, Y., & V. Tolstoukhova, I. (2021). The Pedagogical Model of the Formation of Soft Skills. Revista San Gregorio, 1(44).