The Formation Of Managerial Competence Of Students In The Process Of Interactive Learning


  • Richat Rizvanovic Ganiev Kazan Federal University


Palabras clave:

interactive teaching and learning, interactive methods and technologies, game-based teaching methods


Innovative technologies now form an integral feature of education within the higher education context. The use of interactive teaching techniques as an example of such technologies has become fairly widespread. Interactive teaching techniques such as game-based teaching methods, case-based teaching, are essential in developing students’ critical thinking, logical reasoning and communication skills.

Today the society favors mobile, educated and talented teachers who can make conscientious decisions and foresee results and learning outcomes. Teachers also need to be good managers, collaborators and facilitators. Thus, given the above mentioned requirements imposed on teachers, the problem of content renovation, quality improvement and development of professional competences and its constituent parts becomes acute. This research focuses on one of such constituent parts, managerial competence.


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