Tourism - Harmonization Of Interests


  • Aleksandr Ivanovich Zyrianov Perm State National Research University
  • Vladimir Anatolyevich Rubtsov Kazan Federal University
  • Niyaz Kamilevich Gabdrakhmanov Kazan Federal University
  • Liliya Renatovna Ismagilova Kazan Federal University


Palabras clave:

tourism, territorial tourism system, harmonization of interests, destination


Tourism is a popular and complex phenomenon. The territorial tourism system has many elements and different levels of structure. Its organization and operation is based on the harmonization of a multitude of interests. Many typical tourist tasks have the increased complexity in the congruence of interests. This relates to the issue of managing the development of tourism in the region, to the problems of organizing a tourist trip and a service enterprise. Trends in the global tourism industry are aimed at systemic solutions in the alignment of interests. When developing tourism destinations, it is possible to trace regular processes regarding to the harmonization of interests.


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Ivanovich Zyrianov, A., Anatolyevich Rubtsov, V., Kamilevich Gabdrakhmanov, N., & Renatovna Ismagilova, L. (2017). Tourism - Harmonization Of Interests. Revista San Gregorio, 5(20), 118–123.