The Method Of Auto-Constructing Of The Person’s Lifeworld


  • Pavel Nikolaevich Ustin Kazan Federal University
  • Leonid Mikhailovich Popov Kazan Federal University


Palabras clave:

self-development, auto-constructing, person, method, practical psychology


Auto-constructing is one of the new person’s self-processes, determined by the necessity to use new terminology in the experimental psychology of the postmodern period - the time of practice-oriented results.

The leading method of research was modified version of “Self – Interview”. The considered variations of the “Self – Interview” method allow to manifest person’s activity as self-transformation in the form of "self-development", which is carried out in many ways. One of the ways is auto-constructing of the person’s life path towards a specific, self-chosen goal, which is determined by the social situation. Modification of method “Self – Interview”, suggested in this research, based on idea of influence of reflexive self-analysis on the goal choice with psychological searching of the possibilities for its achieving. So, this method translates the idea of introception – transforming of external goal which is chosen by experimenter into the internal goal of the person.


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