Diplomacy Of Classical Greece And Inscriptions


  • Eduard Rung



Palabras clave:

history, international relations, international law, diplomacy, Greeks, inscriptions.


The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the importance of inscriptions for study of some Greek diplomatic procedures such as concluding treaties and exchange of envoys between the Greek poleis themselves and the Greeks and the barbarians. The scholars usually study the diplomacy of classical Greece primarily on the basis of literary sources involving inscriptions only for comparing with the evidence of narrative material. The inscriptions provide us with information on the development of treaties’ vocabulary. They allow to determine main features of the Greek allied and peace treaties which were in existence during two centuries in the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. It is concluded that the inscriptions when comparing with the narrative sources, on the one hand, allow to study the Greek vocabulary of diplomacy, on the second hand, to understand the Greek diplomatic procedures and their development, on the third hand, to compliment other sources relating to the Greek diplomatic events.


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