Methods of actualisation of traditional arts and crafts as the bases of creative self-realisation of design students


  • Gulnaz R. Akhmetshina


Palabras clave:

creativity, self-realization, creative self-realization, abilities, students, designers.


As of today, the development of a person-centered approach has made significant progress. The article reveals the person-oriented approach to the learning process as one of the main methodological approaches in the Russian educational space. It is based on the student's identity, self-worth and subjectivity of the process. The popularity of this method of education is determined by the formation of individual and original personality traits in students that allow them to adapt in a rapidly changing society and the dynamic development of Russian society; due to the pragmatism of thoughts and actions inherent to modern students and the use of new educational technologies by teachers, universities need to humanize relations between students and teachers and to democratize its activities of daily living, which requires the construction of personal-oriented systems of training and education of students.


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