Geopolitical interests of China in Central Asia


  • Azamat S. Sulimanov


Palabras clave:

International relations, politics, history, China, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,


The purpose of this study is to identify China's geopolitical interests in Central Asia and to analyze its political and economic cooperation with the region. During the research, the main principles underlying the Chinese foreign policy were revealed and analyzed. The provisions of the work can be used to further study of this problem, as well as in the teaching of disciplines related to international relations. At the same time, problem-chronological and historical-comparative methods were applied. First of all, China's priority interests in Central Asia were reviewed and analyzed. Further, the spheres of multilateral cooperation implemented through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) were noted. Priority directions of China's foreign policy discourse were also disclosed. Particular attention was paid to the questions of Uyghur separatism and its influence on China's relations with the CAR countries. The points of contact of economic interests were identified through the Chinese initiative project "One belt, one way". In addition, the importance of energy security in the Central Asian region is emphasized. At the end of the paper, conclusions were drawn based on an analysis of current integration processes in the region.


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