Ethno-Linguistic Behavior And Formation Of Russian Identity Among Youth In The South Of Russia: (For Example, Dagestan)


  • Madina M. Shakhbanova


Palabras clave:

youth, South of Russia, Dagestan society, Dagestan youth, Russian identity, Republican identity, Dag


It has a paramount importance the ethno-linguistic situation and, in general, the role of language in the organization of interethnic communication, the construction of a space for interethnic communications and the development of identification strategies for multiethnic regions. It should be considered the view of research perspective chosen in this article that connected with analysis of linguistic behavior in the context of the problem of the formation of Russian identity among young people in Dagestan which it is one of the most ethnically mosaic regions in our country. It is paid particular attention to the status of Russian language in this region and its role in the process of forming Russian identity among Dagestan youth in this article. Based on the results of independent sociological empirical studies, the authors of this article come to a number of original conclusions on the strength of the interethnic situation that has developed in Russia. It was registered a low status of national languages society on the background of increasing significance of Russian language as a language of interethnic communication in Dagestan society. This fact was concluded on the basis of conditions of ethnization of social processes in various regions of Russia South. This ethno-linguistic situation directly influences on formation of identification attitudes and orientations of the young generation. The scientists prove the thesis that the strengthening of Russian language status is one of factor in the spread bilingualism as a dominant form of interethnic communication among the youth in Dagestan society in this article. This ethno-linguistic situation contributes to the formation of such an identification space in which has processes for formation of republican and Russian identity, and they will promote the preservation of interethnic stability and solidarity in the South of Russia and Dagestan, in particular.


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