Preterites in the Izbornik from XIIIth century


  • Elvira Kh. Shayakhmetova


Palabras clave:

old russian book culture, 13th-century izbornik, preterites, variety, discource


The article presents a study of preterital forms system in a handwritten Old Russian Izbornik (National Library of Russia, Q. p. I. 18), from the first half of the 13th century. The manuscript has an unusual composition, representing a collection of exegetical texts on the Old and New Testament. The Izbornik is interesting, in particular, by a presentation of erotapocritical exegetic forms. Besides, the codex contains fragments from earlier manuscripts including Izbornik 1073 and Izbornik 1076 what allows observing the dynamics of grammatical forms for about 150 years. An online edition of the manuscript was accomplished at Kazan Federal University. This machine-readable publication is accompanied by various search modules and indexes and located on the “Kazan digital collection” page of the “Manuscript” portal. The authors present the past tense forms analysis in Izbornik for the first time. The research showed a particular distribution and discorce functions of preterital forms in this unique composition. The analysis of preterites in Izb gives essential data for comparison with the preterital system in Tolstovskii Sbornik from the 13th century.  


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Kh. Shayakhmetova, E. (2019). Preterites in the Izbornik from XIIIth century. Revista San Gregorio, 1(32), 32–36.